2022 New Year's Resolutions

2022 New Year's Resolutions

Priorities for 2022 haven’t changed much from 2021 despite this being the last year of my 20s! I will, however, be working to improve execution by focusing on consistency and velocity.

I want 2022 to be a breakthrough year. I’d love for it to be the year that I start generating semi-passive income from one of my own projects. I’d also love for this to be the year that I start having the confidence and bandwidth to work on projects that move closer to some of my passions and personal missions.

Some highlights from this year’s resolutions:

  • 👊 I’m aiming to start working on a second product this year once Midana is stabilized and, hopefully, profitable. I’d like my second product to be something closer to my personal mission and passions.
  • I’ll be breaking my quarters into 2-week sprints complete with a planning session and a retrospective. I’m hoping to translate the strategic intentionality from these larger documents into something more tactical and consistent.
  • 🍅 I’m continuing to lean heavily on the Pomodoro technique this year, and am aiming for a starting baseline of 16 pomodoros a day, 5 days a week, for 80 pomodoros a week. I’ll raise this bar slightly every quarter, when feasible.
  • 👾 I’m making a commitment to reduce the impact of games like League of Legends on my independent work by introducing new rules and restrictions that will hopefully start to transform this into a motivating reward rather than a derailing distraction.
  • 🍻 I’d like to meet more cool people in Taipei this year, and plan to host at least a few events this year with this purpose specifically in mind.
  • 📝 I’m going to register for an official Chinese exam this year, likely registering for the TOCFL Level 4 test sometime in November.
  • 🚴🏻 I’m aiming for 100+ bike rides this year just as soon as I hopefully secure a bike in early January.
  • 🏁 I’m looking to participate in one race event each quarter this year, likely a mix of running, cycling, swimming, and triathlon events.
  • 🙅🏻 I’m bringing back rejection challenges as a means to ensure that I have a way to get out of my comfort zone every week.

Since I just turned 29, 2022 is going to be the last year of my 20s. In coming into my final year as a 20-something, I’m a bit daunted by asking myself what I want to accomplish in the final year of the 3rd decade of my life.

The truth is, though, I don’t think this framing changes much for me. I feel like I’m on the right path. I feel like I’ve made a lot of interesting choices in my life so far, and I don’t regret them. I don’t feel trapped where I am the way I personally might have if I had stayed at Palantir or in Silicon Valley. I feel like I’ve learned and explored a lot, even though I don’t always give myself credit where credit is due. I’m not thinking seriously about marriage or kids yet, so there also isn’t a lot of change there—for better or for worse, I’m still focused on myself.

My priorities for this year are mostly unchanged from 2021. Last year I wrote:

  1. Maintaining a healthy mind and body.
  2. Overcoming my fear of failure.
  3. Working towards financial freedom.
  4. Overcoming my fear of rejection.
  5. Living a balanced life full of friends, family, and non-professional interests.

And additionally, because I knew I was going to live in Taipei for all of 2021:

  1. Reaching native-level fluency in Chinese.
  2. Establishing deeper friendships and expanding my network.
  3. Embracing the experience of finally living somewhere for an extended period of time!

I’m not planning to leave Taiwan in 2022, so I’m happy with these priorities. I do still want to travel again at some point, and I’m not sure I see myself living in Taiwan full-time forever, but especially with the added uncertainty of the pandemic, this isn’t the year I’m going to uproot myself. It also helps that my Taiwan gold visa converts to permanent residency after 3 years, and I’m pretty close to qualifying. For now, I’m pretty content to stay here and focus on my work and my goals.

I do, however, want 2022 to be a breakthrough year. I’d love for this to be the year that I started generating semi-passive income from one of my own projects. I’d also love for this to be the year that I start having the confidence and bandwidth to work on projects that move closer to some of my passions and personal missions.

While my priorities haven’t shifted a whole lot, reflections from 2021 made clear that I need to improve execution. To that end, I’m going to focus on consistency and velocity this year. In order to support improved consistency and increased velocity, I’ll continue to look for ways to maintain stillness, cultivate courage, and promote discipline. Since I had a much longer period of reflection before Q3 2021, this year’s resolutions are something of a continuation of the intentions I set then.

Breakdown 🧨

Consistency 🪨

It’s not unexpected, but over the last couple of years I’ve noticed that my annual reviews show a downward trend over the course of a year. Each of my quarterly reviews also tend to show a downward trend over the course of a quarter.

Motivation falls of naturally—hence why discipline is so much more important—but I have found that breaking my year into quarters has helped a lot. Each quarter I get to reset, reflect, and start anew. Reviewing my goals and my progress allows me to set intentions and course correct on a strategic level.

This year I’d like to really lean into this idea. I want to see if I can pull that intentionality down to a more tactical level. Borrowing from tech industry project management techniques, I’m going to organize my quarters into 2-week sprints. Two weeks because one week feels too short with too much overhead to be worth the added structure, and anything longer is too large a chunk of a single quarter (which is ~13 weeks) to be regular enough.

I’m going to skip the boring overview of the Agile Methodology and exactly how sprints work, and zoom in on just two practices that I’d like to pull out more formally:

  1. Sprint planning
    1. At the beginning of each 2-week sprint review high-level goals for the year and quarter and any ongoing projects. (5 minutes)
    2. Scope a set of things to do that feels like it will reasonably fit into the allotted time. (10 minutes)
    3. Ensure that that the upcoming sprint is aligned against stated goals for year and quarter and current priorities. (5 minutes)
  2. Retrospective
    1. At the end of each 2-week sprint review what was and wasn’t completed.
    2. Reflect on what went well and what didn’t.
      1. I’ll structure this as a ~15-minute free-write session in my journal.
    3. Come up with actionable takeaways to improve the upcoming sprint.

I’m going to try scheduling both retrospective and planning on Monday mornings, first thing. I’ll complete my retrospective first, then go immediately into planning every two weeks. I may need to play with the exact timings—I’m just hesitant to put either exercise at the end of the day on a Friday.

Habits and OKRs:

  • Bi-weekly
    • Complete a sprint planning session
    • Complete a sprint retrospective, and implement actionable takeaways for the next sprint

Stillness 🙏

As noted in my 2021 End of Year Review, it feels like stillness is a key ingredient to maintaining consistency. When stillness falls off, so, it seems, does everything else.

Maintaining stillness is going to be about:

  1. Meditation.
    1. I’d like to meditate 20 minutes every morning.
  2. Managing good habits and routines around sleep.
    1. I’m aiming to wake up by 6:30am every morning.
    2. I’m aiming to be asleep by 10:30pm every night.
  3. Getting into a good rhythm that enables both work and play.
    1. I’m going to try to structure my days around 16 pomodoros each day, usually starting around 8:30am and ending by 6:00pm.
    2. I’ll take a ~45-60-minute break for lunch after my morning session of 8 pomodoros. This break will likely include a 20-minute nap where needed.
  4. Preserving a sense of time and space abundance throughout the day.
    1. This is mostly about removing mid-day distractions that take away time and space, thereby reducing stillness.

In Q4 2021, I identified the need to cut back on League of Legends during my afternoons, since playing too much or too often in the middle of the work day tends to lead to me losing stillness for the rest of the day, and possibly into the next day.

I’d like to find a way to transform things like League of Legends and playing games with friends into motivating rewards instead of debilitating distractions.

Assuming that the goal (for now) is to consistently hit 16 pomodoros a day, 5 days a week, here’s what I’m going to try:

  • In order to create and preserve momentum throughout the week, I will commit to not playing at all during the work day early in the week (i.e. Monday through Wednesday).
  • In order to incentivize myself to snowball momentum earlier in the week, I will allow myself to bank extra pomodoros (i.e. any daily pomodoros above 16) from earlier in the week in order to create pockets of time later in the week in the form of extended breaks on Thursday or Friday or just finishing the week early on Friday.
  • In order to de-risk the possibility that an afternoon will run away from me, I am only ever allowed a maximum redemption of 2 pomodoros (~1 hour) for an extended break.
    • There is, however, no limit to how early I can finish work for a week if I choose to truly front load my productivity.
      • E.g. I could work 20 pomodoros a day Monday through Thursday, and effectively take Friday off or, more realistically, I could work 18 pomodoros a day Monday through Thursday and effectively earn a half-day on Friday.

Habits and OKRs:

  • Meditate for 20 minutes every day.
  • Wake up at 6:30am on weekdays.
  • Sleep by 10:30pm on weekdays.
  • Take no longer than 1 hour for my lunch break.
  • No games with friends during the work day Monday through Wednesday.
  • No games with friends during the work day Thursday or Friday unless redeeming banked pomodoros.

Velocity ⚡

I’m at a stage in my independent work where money isn’t the limiting factor as much as my time and how well I utilize it is. In 2021, I was able to start making slow progress in the right directions. In 2022, I’d like to find and maintain a good velocity that promotes consistent progress.

From experiments at the end of 2021, I think that consistently averaging 16 pomodoros a day is a good starting baseline. I’ve found that this is enough focused working time that, barring anything unexpected, I can usually get through almost everything on my hit list for a day and feel pretty good about myself. While I am typically pretty tired by the end of my 16th pomodoro in a day, I’m not usually drained enough to affect future productivity. Doing more is possible, and I have had 18-pomodoro days before, but I’m not yet sure if it’s sustainable.

I’m going to start with a goal of 16 pomodoros a day, 5 days a week, for 80 pomodoros each week. I’d love to see myself hit that consistently every week in Q1 of 2022. If I can hit that in Q1, I think that I should evaluate whether or not I can sustainably increase the weekly goal in Q2, even if the increase is only by a single pomodoro each week.

It would be cool to see my velocity increase slowly but surely by the end of Q4 2022. If 2021 was learning to walk, I’d love to start sustainably jogging in 2022. Whether or not running or even sprinting will be the ultimate goal remains to be seen.

Habits and OKRs

  • Increase my weekly pomodoro average each quarter, if feasible

Courage and Discipline 💪

As I outlined in my Q3 2021 review, courage and discipline are important skills that require constant maintenance. Since settling down in Taipei during the pandemic, I haven’t been as intentional about keeping these skills sharp. I’d like that to change this year.

Courage is the tougher of the two to isolate. Training courage requires that I put myself in situations where I feel enough fear that my decision-making becomes clouded. Courage comes not from banishing that fear, but learning to act with integrity despite it. In Q4 2021, I used adventure as a proxy for courage, relying on adventures to create unexpected and uncertain circumstances where courage might be necessary.

I think using adventure to train courage was a step in the right direction—there were definitely at least a couple of adventures in Q4 2021 where uncertainty and self-doubt crept in and courage needed to take hold to move forward. Besides that, I had a lot of fun on said adventures :).

While I plan to continue to go on regular adventures in 2022, I’d like to go a step further to ensure I will always have something I can do to push my comfort zone each week. To this end, in 2022 I’m going to be re-introducing rejection challenges, except that I am, for the most part, going to be doing them here in Taiwan and in Chinese. I’ll elaborate more on this below in the section about overcoming my fear of rejection.

Discipline is more straightforward. To train discipline, I have to choose to do what I need to even when I don’t want to. Work is an obvious area where I can train this, and I’ll continue to use the pomodoro technique to create rhythm and flow this year. Beyond that, exercise is often a good proxy for this, and I’ll be leaning into exercise more this year. See the below section on Maintaining a Healthy Mind and Body for details on that.

Habits and OKRs:

  • Find something adventurous to do every weekend.
  • On weekends where I fail to find something adventurous to do, complete a rejection challenge.

Maintaining a Healthy Mind and Body 🏥

This priority is usually about health, exercise, and mindfulness.

Exercise 🚴🏻‍♂️

I’d really like to get my health and fitness back on track this year. Since ~Q3 of last year my weight has been up quite a bit, and though I am still on a downward trend, I am at risk of ~160-175 lbs becoming my new normal. For my height and build, this is a little overweight. I know weight and body image are touchy subjects in this day and age, but I’m personally worried about the risk of long-term health complications that I know can come from carrying excess weight for too long, especially as I get older (and I’m turning 30 next year 😱). I’m particularly worried because I’ve watched my father struggle with long-term health complications related to being overweight earlier in his life.

It’s important to me that I bring this back into a normal range this year, somewhere closer to ~145-150 lbs, with a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen. I am planning to be much more active this year, especially since exercise will remain my primary vehicle for actively practicing discipline. I will be working my way back into the triathlon scene this year, as I promised in my Q3 2021 review. I’m hoping to participate in at least one race event each quarter. Though I am open to doing more, in the interest of consistency, I’d much rather see myself do one event each quarter than 4 events in Q1 and no events the rest of the year.

I am still recovering from an injury I sustained in Q4 2021, but I am planning to do a bunch of biking this year until I’ve recovered enough to start running again. I’m coming very close to purchasing a bike second-hand this year. This bike is turning out to be a pretty significant investment—it’s been hard to find what I’m looking for in my size at my original budget range. I am hoping to get a lot of usage out of this bike to justify the investment. Ideally I end up in the range of ~100+ rides this year.

Needless to say, aerobic fitness is going to be a priority this year. I am still interested in CrossFit and in weightlifting more generally, but I think that these are going to have to be supplemental once I’m satisfied with my aerobic training volume. I doubt that I’ll be able to do lifting more than maybe once or twice a week.

Habits and OKRs:

  • Exercise 5-6 times each week
  • Pick a dieting method each quarter and stick to it at least 80-90% of the time
  • Get my weight back down to the ~145-150 lbs range
  • Reach 10% body fat
  • Go on 100+ bike rides this year

Mindfulness 🧘🏻

I am going to continue my mindfulness habits this year, with a commitment to meditate for 20-minutes every morning, and continuing to write in my journal daily. Mindfulness is an important part of stillness for me, so again a lot of overlap here.

Nothing too crazy to write about this. If COVID-19 weren’t a thing, I’d probably commit to visiting one of the Plum Village affiliated monasteries somewhere in the world. I’m not holding my breath on this for this year, but if the situation improves I’d love to do a one or two week retreat in the middle of the year, maybe overlapping with one of my quarterly review periods.

Overcoming my fear of failure and working toward financial freedom 👊

My work is the main driver of this priority. At a high-level, I’d like to get Midana to a stable, ideally monetized place so that I can start working on at least one new project this year. I’m really itching to start working on some of my ideas around productivity and self-actualization—I’m excited to see what happens if I apply my Midana learnings to these ideas :).

Notably I’m giving up on the idea of 12 projects in 12 months, which was a major theme in my 2021 goals. I’ve learned that approach doesn’t suit me very well. I’ve found that creating a product I’m proud of takes time, and I think I’d rather spend more time (and risk) working on fewer things that I care more about, than less time working on lots of things I’m doing just to make money. I also feel like the pressure I put on myself to finish things that quickly actually makes me impatient and anxious. If reality doesn’t match my expectations, I’ll tend to start feeling shitty, which becomes counterproductive and destroys stillness.

I’d like 2022 to be the year that I start making some money from one of my own projects. Obviously, I can’t guarantee that that will happen, but I am going to be pushing on Midana to make this happen. I’m fairly confident that a pathway monetization exists, though I’m not yet sure how much money there is to be made with this specific product.

I am open to the idea of income from other sources, though I’m unwilling to pursue this at the expense of a real shot at success with my own projects this year. I do, however, usually like to earn at least my annual expenses in income each year for the peace of mind that I’m not going negative year over year.

I’ll be continuing my commitment with Spike Lab this year, taking on a few entrepreneurial high school protégés. I am also going to be piloting a new initiative with Spike Lab this year wherein I provide additional tech-focused tutoring to some of my students. This new pilot has the potential to earn income at a similar rate to tech consulting work, though at a significantly reduced time commitment, which I like.

Currently I’m tutoring just a single student for Spike Lab, though I am open to taking on another student or two this year. A few students would be enough to pay most of my annual expenses.

As a last resort, I am potentially open to taking on some tech consulting work this year, though I would want to wait until Q4 to do so. Even then, I do still want to cap the scope of consulting projects to a couple of months, or maybe a quarter at most. I don’t intend to do any active searching for these projects, but will remain open-minded if one happens to come my way on that time frame.

Habits and OKRs:

  • Launch Midana to the general public
  • Achieve a 4.5/5-star average rating for Midana
  • Make at least $1/month of passive profit with Midana
  • Reach at least 50 weekly active users for a new project

Overcoming my fear of rejection, and living a balanced life full of friends, family, and non-professional interests 🥂

Overcoming my fear of rejection has some overlap with deepening relationships and making new friends, so I’m lumping these together.

Making New Friends 🍻

Now that I’ve been in Taipei for quite awhile, I’d love to invest more into friendships and communities here, and I’d love to meet more cool people. I think in order to accomplish this two things need to happen:

  1. I need to host events that encourage friends to introduce me to more of their friends.
  2. I need to get out more, and potentially go to some new meetups, or go to more events for existing communities.

To the first point, hosting board game events could be a good fit. I can handle ~10 people at my place for an event like this and haven’t done one in awhile. I could invite a few friends, then ask them all to invite a friend to fill the seats!

I could also potentially do ~8 people for dinner if I do dinner potluck style in a similar manner (my kitchen doesn’t have enough throughput to easily cook a whole meal for more than 6).

I could also consider hosting events elsewhere. My girlfriend and I have a portable grill we bought awhile back that we could use to do riverside barbecues, which would be a larger event. I might also be able to find some friends or friends of friends down to do some shorter hikes around Taipei.

To the second point, there are at least a few meetups and events that I could make an effort to go to. I’ve been meaning to visit the Taipei Chess Circle, for example. Once I have my new bike, there are almost certainly cycling-focused groups I could join for longer rides.

Habits and OKRs:

  • Host an event that will allow me to meet friends of friends each quarter
  • Attend at least one new meet-up and aim to meet at least one person to grab coffee or drinks with each quarter
  • Attend a networking-style event and aim to meet at least one person to grab coffee or drinks with each quarter

Improving Family Relationships 💔

I’d also like to do my part to improve family relationships. Though we’ve maybe gotten a little better over time, my immediate family is still pretty dysfunctional. I personally have a particularly tenuous relationship with my Dad. I think there are two things I can do here:

  1. Family therapy.
  2. Make an effort to call my family every weekend.

I think I could handle doing family therapy once every two weeks this year. It’s a bit too much of a time and energy drain to do on a weekly basis in my opinion, but every two weeks is do-able. I know my Dad is interested in continuing some family therapy with me, but I could also look to see if any of the rest of my family would be willing to participate

I also used to be in more of a habit of calling my family every weekend. I think it was a good practice that definitely helped to keep social ties with my parents warm, at least. My Mom seemed to really like that she could expect a call somewhere during her weekend.

Habits and OKRs:

  • Call my parents and sister every weekend
  • Participate in a family therapy session once every two weeks

Rejection Challenges 🙅🏻‍♂️

As mentioned in the section on Courage, I’m going to complete some Rejection Challenges this year as a sort of back-up plan in case I fail to find enough adventures to push my comfort zone.

I’m going to run this pretty similarly to the way I did when I did rejection challenges for the first time. I’ll reach out to friends to farm rejection challenges. I’ll aim for a full list of ~40 challenges, and do ~one a week on weeks where I don’t find a suitable adventure to satisfy my need here.

Notably, since I live in Taiwan, these rejection challenges are likely going to need to happen in Chinese, which is an added discomfort for me. It is, however, good for developing my Chinese skills :P.

Language Learning 🎓

This heading should really read “Learning Chinese”, but the language nerd in me has a hard time committing to only studying Chinese this year. Still, I know that if I only have time to seriously study one language this year, it should be Chinese.

Chinese 🀄

The motivation to continue learning Chinese is pretty obvious: I still live in Taiwan, and improving my Chinese also improves my quality of life here. My approach to Chinese is going to be much the same as it was last year, namely immersion through TV and books with support from Anki for rapidly reinforcing new concepts, grammar, and vocabulary. By the end of last year, I was pretty bad about spending ~20-30 minutes watching Chinese TV every day, so I’d like to bring that habit back.

Last year I took several steps back from Anki because I feared overwhelming myself with daily Anki reviews. This year, I am recommitting to Anki, so while my approach for encountering new things to learn is going to be heavily immersion-based, I am going to lean more heavily on Anki to ensure that I remember new things I’m exposed to after even just 1 or 2 exposures.

I am still worried about overwhelm, but I’ve found a lot of success lately with quickly adding new Anki cards for vocabulary words I encounter out in the world, and having them show up for review immediately the next day. If I ever feel like the Anki load is creeping too high, I can simply take a break from adding cards until the reviews return to a manageable level.

For Chinese, I think I’d like to commit to taking an official language at the end of the year. Since I’m in Taiwan, I’ll likely be taking the TOCFL (as opposed to the HSK). At my current proficiency level, I think level 3 of the TOCFL is probably already in reach. Level 4 is probably a stretch, but I think it probably makes for a good target. Aspirationally, I’d love to pass the test. However, I am using it as more of a diagnostic than anything, so I don’t want to stress too much over passing or failing.

I’ll likely schedule for a testing date in early November so I have most of the year to learn and prepare, but the testing date doesn’t conflict with any potential Thanksgiving or holiday plans.

Habits and OKRs:

  • Do a pomodoro of Chinese active immersion every day
  • Complete my Anki reviews every day
  • Register for a TOCFL Level 4 exam in early November
  • (Stretch) Pass the TOCFL Level 4 exam

Other Languages 💬

Outside of Chinese, I am interested in improving my Japanese to the level that I had previously gotten my French and Spanish to. In Q4 of 2021, I spent a lot of extra cycles doing Duolingo for Japanese and adding new sentence flashcards for Japanese. I don’t think I’m going to make any formal goals for Japanese this year, but so long as it doesn’t get in the way of other things, I won’t complain if I see myself continue to invest a little time into Japanese here and there.

I don’t think I’m going to put much investment into other languages this year. However, I do still have a huge Anki backlog from The Great Anki Lapse of 2020, and I’d like to slowly work my way through it this year.

Here are the backlogged review counts:

  • Chinese: 6616
  • French: 2006
  • Spanish: 5283

If I do a small number of these extra backlogged reviews every day, I should easily be able to clear them out by the end of the year without too much trouble. If I do ~25 extra reviews for each of these languages every day, I should be clear by end of Q3.

Habits and OKRs:

  • Clear my backlog of old Anki reviews
  • Complete 25 backlogged Chinese Anki reviews every day
  • Complete 25 backlogged French Anki reviews every day
  • Complete 25 backlogged Spanish Anki reviews every day

Goals 🥅

Habits 📅

  • Daily
    • Morning
      • Wake up by 6:30am
      • Meditate for 20 minutes a day
      • Write in my journal
      • Leave my phone silenced until my morning routine is complete
    • Evening
      • Get to bed by 10:30pm
      • Leave my phone and all other electronics (Kindle excepted) charging far away from bed
    • Work Days:
      • Take no longer than 1 hour for my lunch break.
      • Do a pomodoro of reading from a book that helps me sharpen and advance my professional skills
      • Leave my phone in Do Not Disturb during work sessions
      • Clear my inboxes
      • Plan tomorrow today
    • Do a pomodoro of Chinese active immersion
    • Stick to my diet plan
    • Complete my Anki reviews
      • Complete 25 backlogged reviews for Chinese
      • Complete 25 backlogged reviews for French
      • Complete 25 backlogged reviews for Spanish
  • Weekly
    • Complete an average of 16 pomodoros each day for a total of 80 pomodoros each week
    • Exercise 5-6 times each week
    • Find something adventurous to do every weekend
    • On weekends where I fail to find something adventurous to do, complete a rejection challenge
    • Call my parents and sister
  • Bi-weekly
    • Complete a sprint planning session
    • Complete a sprint retrospective, and implement actionable takeaways for the next sprint
    • Participate in a family therapy session
  • Quarterly
    • Host an event that will allow me to meet friends of friends
    • Attend at least one new meet-up and aim to meet at least one person to grab coffee or drinks with
    • Attend a networking-style event and aim to meet at least one person to grab coffee or drinks with
    • Participate in a race event of some kind
    • Increase weekly pomodoro target, if feasible
    • Pick a dieting method each quarter and stick to it at least 80-90% of the time

OKRs 🎯

  • Launch Midana to the general public
  • Achieve a 4.5/5-star average rating for Midana
  • Make at least $1/month of passive profit with Midana
  • Reach at least 50 active users for a new project
  • Get my weight back down to the ~145-150 lbs range
  • Reach 10% body fat
  • Go on 100+ bike rides
  • Clear out my backlog of old Anki cards
  • Register for a TOCFL Level 4 test in early November
  • Pass the TOCFL Level 4 test this year
  • Reach out to friends to build a bank of 40 rejection challenges
  • Complete at least 20 rejection challenges
  • Read 40 books

Metrics 📊

  • % compliance for daily, weekly, and bi-weekly habits
  • Body weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Pomodoros completed each day
  • Average number of pomodoros completed per week
  • Midana average star ratings from Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Midana profit per month
  • Weekly active users across all products
  • Number of bike rides completed
  • Number of rejection challenges completed
  • Minutes of Chinese active immersion
  • Number of new Chinese Anki flashcards learned
  • Number of backlogged Anki cards remaining

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