About Me

Welcome to my humble corner of the web!

The short version of my story: I played by the rules for most of my early life. I got a fancy degree from a fancy school. I landed a fancy job in tech in Silicon Valley. Many would say I should have been happy with these things! And set for life on a lucrative and prestigious career as a software engineer.

I couldn't escape the nagging feeling that something was deeply wrong, though. In 2017, I left Silicon Valley. I struck off on my own to work for myself, building my own software and occasionally taking on software consulting gigs. Not long after, I even left the US, becoming a digital nomad (I always preferred "location independent"--less catchy, but less stigma).

It's been a wild ride! On this blog, I occasionally write down my musings about travel, life, and self-improvement. While I primarily write for myself, if you're here I hope you'll find inspiration, entertainment, and insight in these words!

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